LiveGood Best Vitamin D3 and K2 Supplement 2000 mg

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Use the best Vitamin D3 and K2 supplement 2000 mg by LiveGood to combat common deficiencies and maintain a strong immune system. Our scientifically formulated supplement ensures optimal Vitamin D absorption and bone health for all ages, enhancing overall wellness daily.


Best Vitamin D3 and K2 Supplement 2000 mg

Did you know that Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins our bodies need to maintain a healthy immune system?

Did you also know that more people are deficient in Vitamin D than ANY other vitamin on the planet?

Even though our bodies make Vitamin D in response to sunlight, most people aren’t getting enough sunlight daily to maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D. Since very few foods contain Vitamin D, it’s very common for so many of us to be deficient.

Without enough Vitamin D daily, our immune systems are weakened, our bone density is compromised, and our bodies are much more vulnerable to sickness and disease.

LiveGood’s Vitamin D3 and K2, with 2,000 units of D3, gives your body the highest quality Vitamin D available anywhere, at optimal levels, so you get the most out of every dose.

Scientifically formulated with Vitamin K2, it not only supports the function of Vitamin D but also helps to ensure that calcium reaches the bones to maintain healthy bone density and to help maintain healthy blood and heart function.

Male, female, old, young, this powerful combination of the highest quality Vitamins D3 and K2 is something EVERYONE should be taking EVERY DAY to get healthy and stay healthy!

Why Is LiveGood The Best Multi-Vitamin-2

How To Use the Best Vitamin D3 and K2 Supplement

Take 1-2 capsules by mouth daily with food.

BEST taken WITH FOOD in the MORNING. Vitamins D and K are both fat soluble vitamins, which means they absorb better with food. We recommend taking Vitamin D in the morning because evidence suggests that the sleep-wake cycle and melatonin production and secretion are positively impacted by getting your Vitamin D dose in the morning. This makes sense since our ancestors were hunting and gathering in those early dawn hours.

BEST taken every day to maintain consistent blood levels.

Pro Tip: Ask your doctor before your next blood test to add on Vitamin D level to see your level. The test is usually cheap to add on and can be covered by some insurance.


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